Otoplasty – Salinas Ear Alteration Surgery

Published on December 20, 2013 by Matthew Romans


Otoplasty surgery is a method of reducing, augmenting, resculpting, and/or repositioning a person’s ears in order to make them appear in proportion with the rest of their face. This cosmetic procedure is especially popular for younger patients between the ages of four and fourteen.

An otoplasty operation can take between one and two hours depending on the amount of tissue removal and resculpting. Larger ears that require more skin and cartilage reduction, for example, may tend towards the longer end of the spectrum.

To further explore the details of otoplasty surgery, it can be helpful to speak with a qualified medical professional. Doctors Romans“>Matthew Romans and Silk“>Jeremy Silk, experienced plastic surgeons who regularly perform ear surgery, would be an excellent choice. Set up a consultation by contacting our office.

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