Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting: Salinas and Monterey, CA

Breast Augmentation is a very popular procedure, but there are some patients that are unwilling to do it because they don’t want the potential uncertainty of breast implant complications and the possibility of future surgery to replace the implants.

Natural breast augmentation with your own fat may be a great option. All you need is an area (or areas) of your body where you have unwanted fat. This usually involves liposuction of places like the abdomen, flanks (“love handles” or “muffin top”), back fat, and fat from inner thighs. This fat can then be grafted into your breasts. Not only is it possible to get a nice natural breast size and shape enhancement, but you can also get the secondary benefit from liposuction of the donor areas! The other advantage of fat grafting to the breast is the fat can be injected in the areas of the breast where it is needed most. Implants only augment the one area of the breast where they are placed.

For some women, it may take more than one operation to achieve the size that they want. Each operation to graft fat into the breast has limits on the overall volume that can be successfully grafted into the breasts. For women wishing a larger augmentation, this may require more than one trip to the operating room.

Brava Breast Preparation

One factor to be considered in any patient considering natural breast augmentation with fat grafting is the starting point of the breasts as far as tightness of the tissues and starting size. Younger women with very tight elastic tissues may need to have the breasts prepared for the grafting procedure with the use of the Brava device (www. This suction device was originally invented to enlarge the size of the breast using suction over the course of months of use. Women have successfully enlarged their breast size as much as one cup size using the Brava device alone. However, there are limits to how much you can enlarge your breasts using the Brava, and there is some question about how permanent the results are.

The Brava device has also shown some usefulness in preparing the breast tissue for fat grafting surgery. The suction and stretching of the tissues that the Brava causes in the breast seems to improve circulation of the breast tissue and enlarge the space that the fat is grafted into, allowing a larger fat augmentation with one operation. Part of the decision-making process that you will go through with your surgeon will be whether or not the Brava will be recommended for you in order to get the best possible result.
For those patients with looser skin and softer breasts, the Brava may not be necessary.

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