Revision Breast Augmentation: Salinas and Monterey, CA

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Sometimes breast augmentation does not turn out the way anyone expects. These photos are of a patient of mine that has her original surgery done by a local competitor (a former associate of mine). 10 years later, she came to me because her breasts were touching in the middle (synmastia). The implants were also too low. This combined deformity makes the nipple/areolas look like they are too far to the side and too high on the breasts.

The first picture is just before her recent surgery to repair the problem. The second picture is a couple months after the surgery. The operation is pretty difficult because the pocket that has formed around the implants has to be closed, both between the breasts and below the breasts. The pocket repair then has to be reinforced with Strattice to keep the repair intact. Strattice is porcine skin product that has been specially treated to remove all living cells. This leaves a very strong material that is a collagen matrix that the body can grow into, making it part of the body. It has no living cell elements that the body can recognize as foreign tissue. (for more information on Strattice, please see

This material allows us to salvage a really nice result from something that has not turned out well. I have done a number of these operations over the years and have gained a fair amount of experience with it. If you have ever have a bad outcome from plastic surgery, you can always come in for a consultation with us to see if there is anything that can be done to correct the problem.

Dr. Romans