Revitalaser: Salinas and Monterey, CA

Overall Procedure

  • This is an office procedure..
  • We use topical anesthesia, local anesthesia injections (where needed), and oral medications to relax you and make you comfortable.
  • Which procedure you ultimately choose depends on the results you are looking for balanced with the number of days of downtime (days to healing) you can afford.  Healing times can vary.
  • You need to stay out of the direct sun for several weeks before and after your procedure, and wear sunscreen daily for at least 6 weeks after the procedure.
  • Results are best maintained with some basic skin-care products.

The incredible sciton laser technologies combined to treat:

-Brown spots
-Broken Capillaries
-fine lines & Wrinkles
-rough skin
-Sun damage

Broad Band Light (BBL) – Selectively targets skin discoloration such a age spots, spider veins, rosacea, and acne.  Since the surface of the skin remains undisturbed, BBL is considered a zero downtime procedure with no peeling.  BBL makes wonderful changes in skin color and brightness but has less effect on skin texture, such as wrinkles, scars, and laxity.  Research shows that biannual BBL treatments delays skin aging.

SkinTyte – Tightens skin, stimulates collagen production, and improves tone with no downtime.  SkinTyte has no effect on color.  In our experience, SkinTyte works best when combined with BBL.

Full Field Laser Resurfacing (MicroLaserPeel or Resurfacing) ­– Using the latest generation of laser to precisely remove surface layers of skin is the best way to address shallow and mid-depth textural issues.  Afterwards, the skin is the best way to address shallow and mid-depth textural issues.

Afterwards, the skin renews it surface layers and tone and tightness is greatly improved.  Results get better and better the deeper the treatment goes, but this does increase recovery time.  Although technically any MicroLaserPeel is “resurfacing”, we prefer to reserve that term for the most intense treatments, and name our lighter peels by their average recovery time.

ProFractional – Unlike full field resurfacing which removes the entire surface area of a treatment site, ProFractional ablates narrow-diameter channels into the skin, covering a fraction of the total treatment area. This action initiates the body’s wound healing response, while leaving the surrounding tissue intact for rapid healing. The benefits of ProFractional include increased patient comfort, shorter healing times, and tunable results that can range from subtle to dramatic.

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